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The Premier Drinking Water System for Peace of Mind

· Top Quality Drinking Water

· Quality Water for Baby Formula

· Better Tasting Coffee, Tea & Juice

· Better Care for Plants and Aquariums

· Low Sodium Diets & Weight Loss Programs

 The MICROMAX™ 6500 Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System gives you the highest quality drinking water and the best-designed system in the industry. With the most complete and compact filtration package, you will experience the highest quality pure water in your kitchen.  

The Sanitary Quick Change cartridges provide easy replacement, with no tools or no spills. You just twist them in or out. The MICROMAX system's compact size allows you to put it easily under a kitchen sink.

The Process

Stage 1 - Mechanical Filtration

Stage 2 - Carbon Adsorption

Stage 3 - Ultrafiltration (UF)

Stage 4 - Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Stage 5 - Activated Carbon Block Adsorption

 The MICROMAX is tested by NSF International and may be used on municipal and private water supplies.

MICROMAX 6500 has been laboratory tested in accordance with NSF International Standards to provide complete assurance in the system's quality, performance and durability. The MICROMAX 6500 has been certified by the State of California Department of Health Services. (Certificate #05-1704)